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New PBHQ Logo Emblem Inca Stone Letter PI’m happy to announce that there’s a major renovation going on here at Paracord Bracelet HQ which involves some relatively minor things like a new logo; it features the Inca Stone symbol for the letter P, seen here.

But more importantly is a change in the way the blog looks and feels. I want it to be easier to navigate and more importantly, load faster. You’re important to me and I want your experience here to be a good one, one worth sharing.

All of this is of little use to you, I know, unless I’m adding new content. Along with the new look will be new tutorials and some cool stuff, and maybe another contest or two. Until then, thanks for being a loyal reader of PBHQ and for sharing my site with others. It’s because of you that this site became so popular, and I appreciate it.


Paracord Necklace – Making A Paracord Cross

Make A Paracord Necklace

Paracord Necklace - Paracord Cross InstructionsLearn how to make a paracord necklace like this paracord cross made by one of our readers, Josh.

There are lots of things that you can make with paracord, as you’ve seen from our project page, but a paracord necklace like the cross you’ll see here is pretty cool. Especially with Easter right around the corner its a cool and fun crafting idea for your kids, and of course they make great gifts.

Like all of the things we make with paracord, you can make the Paracord Necklace in any size you like and use a variety of colors. I really like the pink camo by Paracordplanet for this project because it has nice Easter-like colors but isn’t too in-your-face with the pink. Of course go with whatever colors you like or use the cord you already have handy.

Not everyone is going to want one of these hanging around their neck (depending on the size) but there are lots of other uses for this type of paracord cross. They are ideal for key fobs or backpack hangers, and can even make a great hanger for a bookmark if you make it small enough. Then there’s Christmas Tree ornaments (great homemade gift idea), fundraisers, and perhaps something really special like the Rivers of the World project.

Rivers of the World (ROW) is a non-profit Christiana faith-based group who serves to assist under-privileged people in remote areas. So regardless of one’s faith or beliefs, the mission is a good one and their leadership is quite strong, ensuring that 90% of all funds go directly into project costs and not “administrative” fees which eat up so many “non-profits”. I’m not affiliated with them but do admire their work.

Anyway, related to this post on making a paracord cross, ROW accepts crosses made by people across the world, and they in turn hand them out to people while on their missions. People in remote river basin areas of the Congo, Belize and Peru really appreciate having something so colorful and nice. You can visit their site here for more info or to send them some of your paracord crosses.

One more place to consider for those of you who make a lot more paracord gear than you’ll ever use is OperationGratitude. They assemble packs of donated items to send to the troops who are station overseas. One of the items that report as being most requested is paracord ”survival” bracelets… I’m sure one a paracord necklace or hanger would be nice, too.

Fusion Knots By TIAT JD LenzenIf you’ve never make a paracord necklace or cross then there are two basic ways to approach it. One is you can use the basic cobra knot (there are some YouTube videos out there),  and the other is using the Square Crown Sinnet knot like JD does in the video below. I don’t really like the look of the cobra knot necklaces and so I recommend you go with a Crown Sinnet (squared, but the round works as well).

Here is a step by step paracord necklace tutorial by David over at BoondoggleMan which shows you in perhaps better detail than you can get following the video. While he’s using plastic gimp (he calls it boondoggle) in his paracord necklace instructions, the same steps apply to paracord as well.

Next is the awesome video guide by JD Lenzen on how to make a paracord necklace. I’ve talked about JD and his book a lot because it is without question the number 1 book on making all sorts of knots. JD is also without question, in my opinion, the best there is at paracord crafting.


How to Make a Paracord Cross (Necklace) by TIAT

Paracord Jig Winner – December

We have a winner!

Zach's Paracord BraceletZach L. from South Carolina is the lucky owner of a new paracord jig! Zach has been diligent in sending in many of his projects and has without question sent in more projects than anyone else over the past two months. That said, entries into this Giveaway were really low, which I presume was due to the holidays.

As you can see I haven’t been overly active myself. I’ve intended to post some of my projects but I guess I’ve been overwhelmed by the holidays myself. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get some photo tutorials up and also to start posting more exciting news and tips about paracord bracelets.

As always, I invite anyone who has a cool project they’ve made to send it to me and I’ll gladly post it here. For those who like to write and have an interest, feel free to send me your article and have it posted.

Once again, congratulations to Zach and I hope you’ll let us know how you like the paracord jig and maybe share some photos of projects you’ve made with it.

Happy New Year everyone… thank you so much for visiting and sharing this site, I really do appreciate you all!



Paracord Jig Giveaway October Entries

Alright, so this is a little late. I apologize, but my mother has spent some time in the hospital (almost 2 weeks!) and I just haven’t had time to put it together. But at last here’s a nod to some of the people who entered last months Paracord Jig Giveaway.

I’m also happy to announce that a new Paracord Jig Giveaway has been started, running through the end of December. So you have another chance to win… get entered now right here! Its super easy and totally free!

Here I’m sharing just a few of the entries, but you can see even more of them here. Unfortunately I can’t post them all and there were some really great entries that didn’t make the page, but trust me, they’re all awesome! I’m working on a project myself that I’ll post here soon.

There were some unique projects that really stood out, like these paracord wrapped paddles by Giveaway winner Bob D. (Texas). Having served some time in the Navy, Bob said his rope work skills came in handy for this. I’ve asked him to share with us a little tutorial with some ideas on basic rope work, and perhaps at some point he will… these look really cool and would work equally well to present a Baseball Bat award. Paracord Wrapped Paddle

I really like this Duck Call Lanyard submitted by Jordan, which goes to show that you can take the paracord craft we love and use it to create so many things other than paracord bracelets, which was my intent and hope with this Giveaway.

 Paracord Duck Call Lanyard

Jayce and Joey (aka The Knotty Boys) created these COOL bracelets and they raise money by making and selling paracord items to local businesses and even a community college. If they get their own website or storefront at Etsy I’ll post a link here. Great job guys!

Paracord Bracelets from the Knotty Boys

Check out these cool “Breast Cancer Awareness” survival bracelets that Jessica made! You can check out some of her other stuff on Etsy. These are very well made with perfect knots… love ’em!

 Breast Cancer Awareness Paracord Bracelets

Finally, here is a really nice paracord bracelet submitted by Pam and her daughter. They’re making them as a fundraiser to help fund her daughter’s trip to Europe… take a look at their page to see some of their other gear or to donate!

 Paracord Bracelet by Pam

Thanks again to all who entered, and BE SURE TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY AGAIN… you have until December 31, 2013 to enter so get busy! Here’s the official entry page.

Paracord Jig Winner

We have a winner of the first paracord jig Giveaway.

Paracord Jig Giveaway WinnerThe name drawn at random from all submissions is Bob from Texas. He submitted photos of really cool paracord wrapped paddles which I’ll share in a separate post today or tomorrow. If for some reason he doesn’t reply to the notification within a week then I’ll draw another name and update this post.

I am very inspired by all of you and the paracord projects you’ve made, and I appreciate you visiting the site and entering the Giveaway. I wish there were more jigs to give away… you’re all awesome!

I’ll try and have another one of these, perhaps for December.

Congratulations to Bob.