Paracord Jig Giveaway October Entries

Alright, so this is a little late. I apologize, but my mother has spent some time in the hospital (almost 2 weeks!) and I just haven’t had time to put it together. But at last here’s a nod to some of the people who entered last months Paracord Jig Giveaway.

I’m also happy to announce that a new Paracord Jig Giveaway has been started, running through the end of December. So you have another chance to win… get entered now right here! Its super easy and totally free!

Here I’m sharing just a few of the entries, but you can see even more of them here. Unfortunately I can’t post them all and there were some really great entries that didn’t make the page, but trust me, they’re all awesome! I’m working on a project myself that I’ll post here soon.

There were some unique projects that really stood out, like these paracord wrapped paddles by Giveaway winner Bob D. (Texas). Having served some time in the Navy, Bob said his rope work skills came in handy for this. I’ve asked him to share with us a little tutorial with some ideas on basic rope work, and perhaps at some point he will… these look really cool and would work equally well to present a Baseball Bat award. Paracord Wrapped Paddle

I really like this Duck Call Lanyard submitted by Jordan, which goes to show that you can take the paracord craft we love and use it to create so many things other than paracord bracelets, which was my intent and hope with this Giveaway.

 Paracord Duck Call Lanyard

Jayce and Joey (aka The Knotty Boys) created these COOL bracelets and they raise money by making and selling paracord items to local businesses and even a community college. If they get their own website or storefront at Etsy I’ll post a link here. Great job guys!

Paracord Bracelets from the Knotty Boys

Check out these cool “Breast Cancer Awareness” survival bracelets that Jessica made! You can check out some of her other stuff on Etsy. These are very well made with perfect knots… love ’em!

 Breast Cancer Awareness Paracord Bracelets

Finally, here is a really nice paracord bracelet submitted by Pam and her daughter. They’re making them as a fundraiser to help fund her daughter’s trip to Europe… take a look at their page to see some of their other gear or to donate!

 Paracord Bracelet by Pam

Thanks again to all who entered, and BE SURE TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY AGAIN… you have until December 31, 2013 to enter so get busy! Here’s the official entry page.

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