Paracord Necklace – Making A Paracord Cross

Make A Paracord Necklace

Paracord Necklace - Paracord Cross InstructionsLearn how to make a paracord necklace like this paracord cross made by one of our readers, Josh.

There are lots of things that you can make with paracord, as you’ve seen from our project page, but a paracord necklace like the cross you’ll see here is pretty cool. Especially with Easter right around the corner its a cool and fun crafting idea for your kids, and of course they make great gifts.

Like all of the things we make with paracord, you can make the Paracord Necklace in any size you like and use a variety of colors. I really like the pink camo by Paracordplanet for this project because it has nice Easter-like colors but isn’t too in-your-face with the pink. Of course go with whatever colors you like or use the cord you already have handy.

Not everyone is going to want one of these hanging around their neck (depending on the size) but there are lots of other uses for this type of paracord cross. They are ideal for key fobs or backpack hangers, and can even make a great hanger for a bookmark if you make it small enough. Then there’s Christmas Tree ornaments (great homemade gift idea), fundraisers, and perhaps something really special like the Rivers of the World project.

Rivers of the World (ROW) is a non-profit Christiana faith-based group who serves to assist under-privileged people in remote areas. So regardless of one’s faith or beliefs, the mission is a good one and their leadership is quite strong, ensuring that 90% of all funds go directly into project costs and not “administrative” fees which eat up so many “non-profits”. I’m not affiliated with them but do admire their work.

Anyway, related to this post on making a paracord cross, ROW accepts crosses made by people across the world, and they in turn hand them out to people while on their missions. People in remote river basin areas of the Congo, Belize and Peru really appreciate having something so colorful and nice. You can visit their site here for more info or to send them some of your paracord crosses.

One more place to consider for those of you who make a lot more paracord gear than you’ll ever use is OperationGratitude. They assemble packs of donated items to send to the troops who are station overseas. One of the items that report as being most requested is paracord ”survival” bracelets… I’m sure one a paracord necklace or hanger would be nice, too.

Fusion Knots By TIAT JD LenzenIf you’ve never make a paracord necklace or cross then there are two basic ways to approach it. One is you can use the basic cobra knot (there are some YouTube videos out there),  and the other is using the Square Crown Sinnet knot like JD does in the video below. I don’t really like the look of the cobra knot necklaces and so I recommend you go with a Crown Sinnet (squared, but the round works as well).

Here is a step by step paracord necklace tutorial by David over at BoondoggleMan which shows you in perhaps better detail than you can get following the video. While he’s using plastic gimp (he calls it boondoggle) in his paracord necklace instructions, the same steps apply to paracord as well.

Next is the awesome video guide by JD Lenzen on how to make a paracord necklace. I’ve talked about JD and his book a lot because it is without question the number 1 book on making all sorts of knots. JD is also without question, in my opinion, the best there is at paracord crafting.


How to Make a Paracord Cross (Necklace) by TIAT

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