Major Site Update

New PBHQ Logo Emblem Inca Stone Letter PI’m happy to announce that there’s a major renovation going on here at Paracord Bracelet HQ which involves some relatively minor things like a new logo; it features the Inca Stone symbol for the letter P, seen here.

But more importantly is a change in the way the blog looks and feels. I want it to be easier to navigate and more importantly, load faster. You’re important to me and I want your experience here to be a good one, one worth sharing.

All of this is of little use to you, I know, unless I’m adding new content. Along with the new look will be new tutorials and some cool stuff, and maybe another contest or two. Until then, thanks for being a loyal reader of PBHQ and for sharing my site with others. It’s because of you that this site became so popular, and I appreciate it.


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