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Hello friends and welcome to the new site.

As some of you know, I’m moving many of my articles from Squidoo to this new blog. The reason is that Squidoo has began a series of “improvements” which have negatively affected many writers there, myself included.

So far I’ve moved two of my articles and I’ll continue moving more as I get the time. And I’ll also be making posts from time to time regarding new projects I’ve made or great paracord bracelet tutorials or ideas that I come across.

I’m working on the first of these… a tutorial for making a paracord lanyard knot. Because this is a brand new site I’m making this abbreviated post to ensure that the blog is set up and functioning properly.

I appreciate that you’ve stopped by, and I really hope that you’ll bookmark this site, subscribe to Paracord Bracelet HQ, and above all please share your comments or drop me a note. I really like to hear from the people who visit my articles and I know there’s so much I can learn from you, too.

Speaking of that, if you have a related article or tutorial that you’d like to share I would be happy to post it here, giving you credit of course. Just drop me a note via the Contact Me button on the right side of the blog.

Thanks again, and stay tuned for the paracord lanyard knot tutorial in a day or two.


P.S. I really need my friends to help me launch this site by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. I’m grateful for your support!

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